What am I upto !?!

Nothing concrete. Just reading up stuff, preparing for some exams, and updating my technical skills, in fear of an interview call. There was this call for an onsite assignment, and I was so excited, but it was for a UK project. Then there was an other call for a project, which said it would take 6-9 months for an onsite. So that was lost as well. I’m just waiting when my manager gets tired of finding me opportunities, and asks me to go ahead with a dependent. But isn’t it nice that he’s atleast trying, anyway I’m fine with any now. I’m just tired.

Ok do you guys know how to reject subscriptions to the blog, I mean I had put up a subscribe to this blog widget, and it got 4 of them, now I have removed it, and even changed the blogname, but the subscriptions remained, anyway to remove them ?!

I saw Darr movie the other day, what awesome acting by SRK, the Jaado teri nazar song by Udit Narayan, especially the below lyrics which convey the whole plot, lovely I say !

Mere khwabon ki tasveer hai tu,
Bekhabar meri taqdeer hai tu,
Tu kisi aur ki ho na jaana,
Kuch bhi kar jaaunga main deewana.

I went to this driving school near the house, and he said he wanted an address proof, Bah! where do I get a government attested one now. This address proof thing is not letting anything happen. I can never forget the struggle we had, to get the marriage registration thing done on time, we paid a cool 10k for it. But it is so stupid na, anyone can pay 10k, and get a marriage certificate, just like that. We had to visit this Registrar office near the Beach, and it was so bad. There was more work happening outside the office, than inside.

Good part is I’m going to Hyderabad for a week, to celebrate Eid with my family. The first thing I’ll do is have haleem, and then finish any pending shopping. It’s also the time when my sweet niece, Inaaya, turns two. So double celebrations this time. What do you think I should gift her? A cycle ?!


And it goes on

I had this exam to give on wednesday, and I did not clear it. 😐 Ok, I was not well prepared, but like I said earlier, I’m a hopeless optimist, I always think everything will eventually happen my way, Baah! and I flunked, ok anyway, I have an other chance, so chuck it.

Then I borrowed my first book from the BookWorms Club in our office, ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, read it at one go and finished it in a day. I had heard a lot of good reviews about it, and I kind of knew the story, and expected some events in it. But what amazes me about the book is not only the story, but also the story telling. It is so meticulously written, even a small thing explained in detail which makes you imagine so beautifully. I loved reading it.

Then I discovered this blog here , and read all of it in a day too, really good one, added it to my blogroll, and I also liked the names she has used there, calls herself Pepper and her husband as Mint. I’m also thinking of some nice names like that now, may be something like Tom Jerry, Pani Puri, Fruit Nut, blah blahblah.. suggest some na.

We were 8 of us staying in a 4bhk last year, and the mother of one of the girls came to stay with us for a month. She cooked nice food for us, and picture this while having dinner one fine evening.
Aunt: ‘What difference do you find in the rice today?’
I was surprised to say the least, firstly I’m not a good cook, and secondly what do these white grains even taste like to say the difference.
Aunt: ‘Don’t they look larger, and fluffy?’.
Me: ‘Yeah, it’s good, what did you do?’
And then she beamed, and started the tale, of how soaking it for an hour makes them so.
Me: Eye-Rolling smiley.

You know my MIL and SIL observe a lot, like the clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags etc etc.The other day when we were watching TV..
MIL: ‘Hey, did you see the saree she wore?’
Me: ‘Er.. yeah it was good na, a yellow one’
Here I say it is good/bad based on the expression on her face, and I know I should have stopped at the first part, but I think I love taking risks.
MIL: ‘Nono.. that sea green one’
Me: (Trying to search on the screen) ‘Oh that one ? Yes, its so beautiful na’
MIL: (Happy) ‘Yeah’.
Me: Thank God.

There have been so many instances like this, and I can’t, for the life of me, remember or observe who wears what and which jewellery they wore when etc., I can gladly identify my stuff though. πŸ˜›

Its an amusing reality

I’m sure you guys loved my new blog name and look, I had a cool 4 subscriptions and the blog hits crossed 600 last month.. I know, I know its insignificant, but I’m slowly getting there. And ofcourse, the CSA awareness did great. On work front, it has been pretty stagnant like before, nothing interesting, just stuck with some silly defects. And I got 2 new books last weekend, ‘Ohh yes I am single..! And so is my girlfriend’ and ‘All and nothing’.. I’m half way through the first one, and it’s better than the author, Durjoy Datta’s previous book, but not as good as his first one.
And yea.. my parents and siblings are here.. so its a welcome break from kitchen, but not so for poor Mom ‘cos its freaking hot here, and all I am doing since 2 weeks is chatting and giggling my way to glory with my sisters.. We could not go to Kanyakumari, but we roamed around our office campus, the new mall in the city, did some shopping and had fun at the beach, it was like a carnival out there on Saturday evening. And I’m not thinking twice before indulging in the pizzas, burgers and all. True that I have gained nearly 7 kilos in the last year, but I promise this is it, I’m seriously cutting down ABC (Alcohol, Bread & Carbohydrates) from the next week.
Of late, I have become an agony aunt for my friends.. First there was V who would call me for advices, and say that he would pay me a 100 for each consultation, lol.. Then there was this guy P who came up to me last week, saying he was having a rift with his girlfriend, and wanted me to talk to her and make her understand his point of view. Phew! I hardly knew her, but he was insisting I speak to her as a friend and said she might understand as I’m a senior :S.. I guess they are on the verge of a breakup, and I do not know how much of a help I can be, but I’m gonna call her up today.
And I feel so boring here, I seriously think I need a place change.. Its been 5 months and there is no update on IM’s visa yet. And my work doesn’t look good either. The best project I have worked with was the one in Bangalore. I stayed there last year for 5 months, and it was a great team to work with, and the work was equally challenging. I had the perfect alone time there, and also the weekend hopping and shopping with a friend S who showed me the city, and the amazing fest at his office and then a weekend off to a cousin’s place at Ramnagar, and a small and lovely trip to Mangalore finally, it was so much fun there, it’s a beautiful place, perfect for a vacation sans the crowd.
Well, so here I take your leave, and I’ll be back soon with more updates. Hey!! Did I tell you, I am lost watching the serial ‘Navya’ on TV these days.. The guy is so cuteee.. And did you watch Salman’s new song ‘Character Dheela..’, very catchy and hummable, and that Veer girl looks good too πŸ˜€


Heya.. I had a long and lovely Diwali weekend, spent more than 12k in 2 days, roamed around, shopped and ate like hell with Mom. It was so much fun. And no, I am not frowning for coming back to work.. Because I am going home tomorrow.. Woppie!! We all then go to Bhubaneswar on Sunday and I am gonna be on leave the whole of next week. But don’t be jealous yet, as I have to work on few weekends to compensate. Nevertheless, I am going there after nearly 10 months for 10 days. It’s going to be a rocking vacation.

Meanwhile workplace is getting busier, as the deadline for coding is Dec 15. Hmm.. I just hope that stupid friend of mine gets a seat in SPJain. Last evening, we had a dinner treat at Barbeque Nation, and it was amazing. Had yummy grilled fish n prawns and etc ofcourse. And I just love the silly simple stupid phone of mine, it’s a Videocon V1306, meets my needs as camera phone is not allowed in our office. I am going to join Gym as soon as I am back. Ok then u guys take care, I am signing off for now. Advance Bakrid wishes to all !!


Work is worship, they say. I bunked office on monday, and there is so much work piled up. We are 4 people working on this module, and 1 was asked to fly, and he left for Charlotte last weekend. So we remaining 3 worked hard yesterday and came up with fairly good results, and we are being asked to stretch a little this whole week. Good thing is my mom is going to be here soon for 1 whole week, and I am really looking forward to lots of shopping and roaming around the city, and this friday is even salary day. TGIF coming soon. πŸ˜‰

So I am all set to work harder, and make my coming weeks better. Look, I reached office so early. This weeks gonna be fun with work, work and more work. But I can definitely plan well to read and update blogworld. Jet, set, go.. Motivational comments welcome. πŸ˜›


Yes, I am probably stuck now. After raising a request and reminding them with innumerable calls and mails for shifting my PC to a new location, here it is. I guess they finally got pissed off with me, and sent in a guy to shift it now. The thing is the cubicle where I am going to move to is still not vacated. OMG. Why does this hapen to me, first there are people troubling me to vacate, and me doing the same now. Aarghh! Its all messy just like my new project. No, not completely, but I definitely feel so when I compare it to my last project. πŸ˜›

Oh, that was a gem of a project. Btw, I had to be at Bengaluru for around 5 months, for my previous project, and boy! was it fun. I totally enjoyed it there, most of it at the campus. I have got lots to say of that memorable trip, and I believe it would make a lovely new post.

And yea, like many other days, the evening call we have with the Onsite guys has been cancelled for today. Actually we join in at the right time, and nobody has joined from the other end yet, c’mon you could have atleast informed us earlier. Ok whatever, its my turn to prepare dinner today, so I am fine at the end, I can now leave early and hone my cooking skills. πŸ˜‰

P.S: I would definitely write sometime about my room here.