Women’s Day

First and foremost a very Happy Women’s Day to all the Lovely Ladies out there. No, I am not interested in the debate of whether a special day should or should not be dedicated for us. But I just want to celebrate being a woman.

I remember this time last year, I was at Bangalore and while returning from work in the evening, I happened to cross the Chocolate Bakery in the campus and my feet just stopped there and stared, I then thought that I had never been there and what better way of rejoicing this day than indulge in a huge Chocolate Pastry, and I did that, forgetting the diet I subjected myself to. Ah! It felt heavenly. It was then I decided to have fun and pamper myself this day every year.

All I want to do through this post is acknowledge the women around me, who I admire, who motivate me, and who complete me. Be it my mother, my sister, my female friends, and everybody who adore the spirit of a lady. I love reading the Femina magazine, and this small slogan of theirs is what I feel is all a woman is about.

I fall and I pick myself up,
I lose hope yet I dream,
I am lost and I find myself again,
I cry and I laugh through tears,
I despair yet I believe.

I wished the lady at the security who checks our bags at the Office gate a Happy Womens Day, and she beamed. 😉
This is awesome