Violence Against Women

Ok, where do I even begin. After reading endless stories of women who have faced abuse, who have fought back, who have suffered, on IHM’s blog , I strongly believe someone can put you down or exploit you, only by your own will. My blood boils when I see women suffering in silence, thinking themselves as lesser beings, or leaving their lives to fate, I wish to give them all a tight slap to wake up, and raise a voice, that is all it takes.

I believe gender discrimination is the root of this evil. We can start by eradicating this in the first place. It all starts in the family, it is we who can make atleast an iota of difference. Treat your children equally, and teach them the same.

When a friend said that those days are gone, it is violence against men now. I would have giggled and ignored it as a passing comment an year back. But not now, atleast not after reading of what countless women go through every single day. I wish the VAW team good luck in spreading awareness and creating a difference.

Please ladies, trust yourself, and build yourself a better future, because you deserve it. I agree there are some instances when you will be helpless too, but have faith, give a damn to the society, and make your way. I know it is very tough, but it is worth all of it.