Carmel – Big Sur

We visited Oxford’s manager in Monterey last weekend. They played perfect hosts, and we had a great time with their 5 smart dogs (who helped in taking away my fear a little), 5 chickens and ofcourse them. 🙂

They drove us over to the famous Nepenthe for supper. We had heard a lot of it and hence expected accordingly, so were surprised seeing the small menu (I know that is irrelevant but there were just about 5 dishes in every category). But the food was good, I was so full having just the huge prawn burger.

The CA 1 S highway stretch from Seaside-Carmel-BigSur is amazing, it has spectacular views and we were bowled over, so dreamy and we wished we owned a house there. Our first stop was the Point Lobos State Reserve. It has many things to do/see, we chose trails to the China cove and the Whalers cove.

It is a steal, every worth of the $10. Anybody would love to walk by the trails along the pacific coast, the blue green clear water, crashing waves at the variety of rocks, the wind, the fog, oh god, time stood still and I was amazed at the sheer beauty of nature. Some people were even scuba diving, how cool.

I was disappointed that it was not a right time for whale watching, and guess what, you can actually see the whales with their calves in the month of April/May. I got all wide-eyed when I heard it, imagine seeing the huge whales in their natural habitat. I’m so waiting for the Dec-May period when they migrate here. Anyway, we spotted sea lions, sea otters, sea gulls, and some other birds.

Next we headed to McWay falls, an 80 ft waterfall which flows year round and empties directly into the ocean (spot it in the center in the below picture). We caught a foggy glimpse of the Bixby bridge on the way, but were lucky to catch a clearer view on the way back. It was simply beautiful either way.

It seems many celebrities hog these places and it is very likely you will find them around you. I’ll leave you with some more clicks of the wonderful beaches. I just can’t have enough of them. Also there was this person with a guitar singing his way to happiness near the bridge, that was very pleasant. I wondered if I could capture the sounds along with the pictures, the music of nature. 🙂