Roller Coaster Ride

That is how the last month has been for me, but trust me, I still took out time to read all your posts. 😛 Firstly, IM’s grandfather came to stay with us for 10 days, and we realised how tricky it was to take care of an 80 year old. Our timings went haywire, and we found ourselves waking up at 5 every morning to provide him bed coffee, and sleeping at 9 after he’s done with his boost. 😀 We took turns to wake up early sometimes, and one day when it was my turn, I woke up on time to find him asleep, so I lied back for sometime, and when I woke up again after 30 mins, he was still asleep.. this way I finally woke up at 7, and he said he has been waking up and checking if we were awake since 5, LOL.. It was not easy to prepare good food for non cooks like us too, but we somehow managed to feed him well and he left all happy.

Then we got a news that IM’s visa has been approved, we were like WHAT??!, it was such a long wait of 8 months. So we celebrated, and guess what, he was asked to travel in a week too. So then began the shopping, packing, etc and etc.. We used to shop after office, and would return back at almost 11 daily, it was tiresome with many more things to do too, and then both our families landed to see him off, and he finally left last saturday to Concord, CA. Such an exciting roller coaster ride the last month has been. Amidst all this, we managed to get the marriage certificate by paying a cool 10k. And there are so many pending things for me to do now, have to shift to a room near office soon and what not., I hope everything gets sorted by this month end and I get to enjoy Ramzan. And did I tell you how the first time, we went for the yoga class, the instructor met with an accident and the classes got cancelled, yeah it happened so. 😐

And you guessed it right, I might travel soon too. 😉


God loves surprises

I am now back to Chennai after my 3 week long vacation, and yea, it all went well by Allah’s grace, and I am married now, well.. his name is ‘IM’. 😛 Thanq all for your wishes. So many updates in these 20 days.. I came to know today that my close friend Mr.V has got an awesome onsite opportunity to Belgium, and I am so surprised. Firstly because his life was so similar to mine, dull and boring, and we could talk hours sitting idly and cribbing and making sense out of our nonsense, it feels like yesterday when we used to roam around aimlessly.. Nevertheless I feel so happy for him, he really needed this great break. God sure has his way of throwing bouquets and brickbats at us. Whatever happens, happens for good. My faith in it gets revived everytime I hear of such sudden turn of events for good in one’s Life. You deserved it friend, live Life. 🙂

P.S: Happy New Year.