God sure has his ways of scheming.
I am back from my short vacation, and Chennai weather is so not welcome. I expect rains in October, and all I get are these harsh sun rays in return. 😐
What does one do when nothing goes right? My friend says do the same you would do when everything went right, I guess he’s right.. there is absolutely no difference, you see, except for may be we would worry about something else. So just try and get over it, there is nothing better to be done too. 🙂


Extrovert Loner

Hi Everyone, welcome me to the blogworld. I am Yasmeen, and like every other Software Engineer, am bored quite a number of times, and I best pass my time reading hell lot of news articles and blogs online. Having read so many blogposts, I wondered why not have an own blog and pass my time rather writing about myself. So after negotiating on few proper blog names, here I am with ‘Revelations Galore’, that is, a surprise for me, as I write and also read and appreciate my writing. 😉

An extrovert Loner, that is how I think of myself. I absolutely love reading short novels, blogs, comics, magazines etc. Travelling has also been my passion. I am a dreamer, which you will find reflected in my posts. Right now, I am into a new java project breaking my head for the past few weeks over the code setup, irritated at times, and this blog is a result of it. 😛 But nonetheless, I think its a decent one and I sure am excited and I do hope to post regularly and get good comments.
So let me sit back and work for sometime now, and check in back at a later time then.