It’s been nearly 2.5 months since marriage, and I have been little busy travelling and visiting everyone, working and trying to manage a home, and to top it, I can’t even afford to take a leave since I’m already on a Loss of Pay, but nevertheless, I am enjoying it, and finally could lose some of the weight I put on among all this, and I’m now back to my proper diet, blog world, and my way of life earlier, as my in-laws left just 2 weeks back. I & I set out one weekend to revamp the house, and it looks nice and colorful now. I’ll post the photos soon. Every day in kitchen is an experiment I make, and it sometimes does come out well. The bachelor days just passed by having whatever tasted fine, but the cooking woes have begun now, but I am so determined, and have been going through so many recipe sites and blogs. I simply love cooking but I am not that good a cook, but I do try my best, and I hope I can be a Master Chef someday.. πŸ˜› (Kidding!) Nothing more to say as of now, than that I am loving it.. And more updates to follow soon.


Here are the pictures

God loves surprises

I am now back to Chennai after my 3 week long vacation, and yea, it all went well by Allah’s grace, and I am married now, well.. his name is ‘IM’. πŸ˜› Thanq all for your wishes. So many updates in these 20 days.. I came to know today that my close friend Mr.V has got an awesome onsite opportunity to Belgium, and I am so surprised. Firstly because his life was so similar to mine, dull and boring, and we could talk hours sitting idly and cribbing and making sense out of our nonsense, it feels like yesterday when we used to roam around aimlessly.. Nevertheless I feel so happy for him, he really needed this great break. God sure has his way of throwing bouquets and brickbats at us. Whatever happens, happens for good. My faith in it gets revived everytime I hear of such sudden turn of events for good in one’s Life. You deserved it friend, live Life. πŸ™‚

P.S: Happy New Year.


Yeah.. I am glued to it ever since I have seen it. I am not a Kats fan, but I must admit she looks ravishing in this song. And everything else is fine here, it had to be. I always wanted to write a story, but somehow can’t get myself to it, I enjoy reading them though. My younger sis read ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’ recently and she says lets invest in some business, we plan for a salon or a restaurant. Lets see. I got my imint card btw. πŸ˜‰ And the project work is fine too, I guess we are almost done. So basically I had no work today, just roamed around and did some pending tasks.

I wanted a blog to say things I would not dare say or do in person. I wanted to vent out my frustration and anger through it, not a mushy update blog. Anyways I will adjust with it for now, and we will do that sometime later.

P.S. I am going home this friday on a long leave, and will be married when I return. πŸ˜›