Doing nothing all day

My typical day starts with preparing breakfast and lunch in the morning, and after IM leaves for office, I tidy the house and sit with my laptop near the window watching stupid serials till noon, then after lunch do some browsing and reading. Then prepare dinner and sleep. The worst lifestyle anybody could have.

One thing I’m loving here are the free samples offered. I don’t let any chance miss and order whatever I can, the free pizzas, the free jewellery, and some sample beauty products and household items from here and there. My love for these free things started during my college days when I was so addicted to the radio, even more than TV and laptop.

I would not miss a show of my favorite RJs, tune in religiously every single day for hours together, regularly participate in their contests. And then I won, I won myself a Emraan Hashmi autographed music CD of his movie Gangster the first time, and then a shopping gift voucher and then a phone. And how can I forget the letters I wrote to Uncle Pai of Tinkle, I still cherish the replies I got.

My dad who does not believe and calls the contests as false promises, was surprised that they actually work. Then I left for work after college and had no time for these silly stuff. Book reading became my muse then, I used to order or borrow every other new Indian writer’s books then. And now the samples here in US.

I can’t resist the parcel/courier/mail, be it anything. Bliss !

I also started some online writing and survey assignments to pass my time, and ofcourse cooking, I keep trying out new dishes every now and then. Also planning to do some gardening soon.

I still feel I do nothing all day. Bah ! I can’t help it either.