Its an amusing reality

I’m sure you guys loved my new blog name and look, I had a cool 4 subscriptions and the blog hits crossed 600 last month.. I know, I know its insignificant, but I’m slowly getting there. And ofcourse, the CSA awareness did great. On work front, it has been pretty stagnant like before, nothing interesting, just stuck with some silly defects. And I got 2 new books last weekend, ‘Ohh yes I am single..! And so is my girlfriend’ and ‘All and nothing’.. I’m half way through the first one, and it’s better than the author, Durjoy Datta’s previous book, but not as good as his first one.
And yea.. my parents and siblings are here.. so its a welcome break from kitchen, but not so for poor Mom ‘cos its freaking hot here, and all I am doing since 2 weeks is chatting and giggling my way to glory with my sisters.. We could not go to Kanyakumari, but we roamed around our office campus, the new mall in the city, did some shopping and had fun at the beach, it was like a carnival out there on Saturday evening. And I’m not thinking twice before indulging in the pizzas, burgers and all. True that I have gained nearly 7 kilos in the last year, but I promise this is it, I’m seriously cutting down ABC (Alcohol, Bread & Carbohydrates) from the next week.
Of late, I have become an agony aunt for my friends.. First there was V who would call me for advices, and say that he would pay me a 100 for each consultation, lol.. Then there was this guy P who came up to me last week, saying he was having a rift with his girlfriend, and wanted me to talk to her and make her understand his point of view. Phew! I hardly knew her, but he was insisting I speak to her as a friend and said she might understand as I’m a senior :S.. I guess they are on the verge of a breakup, and I do not know how much of a help I can be, but I’m gonna call her up today.
And I feel so boring here, I seriously think I need a place change.. Its been 5 months and there is no update on IM’s visa yet. And my work doesn’t look good either. The best project I have worked with was the one in Bangalore. I stayed there last year for 5 months, and it was a great team to work with, and the work was equally challenging. I had the perfect alone time there, and also the weekend hopping and shopping with a friend S who showed me the city, and the amazing fest at his office and then a weekend off to a cousin’s place at Ramnagar, and a small and lovely trip to Mangalore finally, it was so much fun there, it’s a beautiful place, perfect for a vacation sans the crowd.
Well, so here I take your leave, and I’ll be back soon with more updates. Hey!! Did I tell you, I am lost watching the serial ‘Navya’ on TV these days.. The guy is so cuteee.. And did you watch Salman’s new song ‘Character Dheela..’, very catchy and hummable, and that Veer girl looks good too 😀


I am her friend

Why do people leave? Why can’t we stay together? My another friend S who was introduced to me by V is leaving for higher studies soon. Though we never met, we spoke or chatted almost daily, she was the first person I would look out for when I came online. Whenever she used to leave for some long vacation, I used to miss her little, but was relieved she would be soon back, and now she is going for good.. She is not gonna come back.. She is leaving.. I almost choked when she told me that, we have not known each other for a long time, but she definitely made an impact, I had developed a bonding with her, I chose her when I had to shout out to someone, I chose her when I had to celebrate something.. Somehow the bond grew, somehow I got very comfortable with her.. I am not very expressive but want to say that I am glad I came to know her, and I will miss her.. This post is for her, I wish you happiness and success in whatever you do. Hugs & Take Care!

That Silly Journey

Since there is nothing really happening happening in my life now, I thought why not just cherish some past moments for now. So here is one of them.

This was on 15th August 2008 during our training days in the mysore campus, when me, S, V and J were bored that we had nothing better to do with 3 holidays in hand, so we planned for a trip somewhere, so Mangalore it was, as we had heard a lot of its beauty and all. So we started from our hostels only to find people at the gate singing the national anthem, and we instantly showed our patriotism participating in it. Then we set out and took a bus to Mysore City. We were quite late to take a bus for a 1 day trip, and so postponed it to the next day. Meanwhile, we visited the Maharaja Palace, did some shopping at some Mall where some RJs were organizing some cool contests and we won ;), and then went to the Chamundeshwari Hills. Spent the whole day exploring the place and it was so much fun travelling, shopping, chatting and also silently sitting with friends. Had dinner and came back to campus.

We were all set the next day and started early after having breakfast at the FC1; we took a bus to the city again, and went on asking for buses to Mangalore. We were surprised to find that it’s a cool 8 hours journey.. LOL.. Then we found a bus driver shouting Ooty, and we looked at each other and ran to board it and were happy its just 5 hours away. Initially felt bored but as the bus left Mysore, and we came across some villages and some greenery around, we got all excited. Half way later when it stopped at a small stop, we were surprised the language spoken was not kannada, found out that it was tamil and we were actually in an other state. Well, we were so poor at geography, and we did not know Ooty was not in Karnataka.. LOL again.. We were like its ok; let’s continue since we have come this far anyway. So we reached at around 1, and had lunch, roamed around the bus and train station, clicked pictures all along, played on the tracks, did some shopping there, I bought some homemade chocolates and a lovely scarf. The weather was quite nice, and we just roamed for few hours in the gallis there, and also had garam coffee in the drizzle. You would have guessed by now that we did not have enough money with us, so we found a bus back at 4. Reached Mysore by 9 or 10 I guess and were quite late to the campus. Luckily we still had the Ooty tickets with us, and the guard allowed us in.

We were like PHEW !!, and decided to plan any trip in advance, but we did love that unplanned silly journey. To this day, we laugh when anyone mentions Ooty and say yeah, we went there to have coffee… 😀

God loves surprises

I am now back to Chennai after my 3 week long vacation, and yea, it all went well by Allah’s grace, and I am married now, well.. his name is ‘IM’. 😛 Thanq all for your wishes. So many updates in these 20 days.. I came to know today that my close friend Mr.V has got an awesome onsite opportunity to Belgium, and I am so surprised. Firstly because his life was so similar to mine, dull and boring, and we could talk hours sitting idly and cribbing and making sense out of our nonsense, it feels like yesterday when we used to roam around aimlessly.. Nevertheless I feel so happy for him, he really needed this great break. God sure has his way of throwing bouquets and brickbats at us. Whatever happens, happens for good. My faith in it gets revived everytime I hear of such sudden turn of events for good in one’s Life. You deserved it friend, live Life. 🙂

P.S: Happy New Year.