Eid Special

I tried my best to create the festive environment since we have neither family nor too many friends here. I could not and did not miss the mehendi, the shopping, the clothing, the prayers and of course the food. We were so skeptical of how it would turn out but it was just fine, we had fun, especially cooking together. Let me put up some pictures and let them do the talking.

The last pic was my creation, it is funny, isn’t it ?! 😀


Ramzan Mubarak

I hope everybody out there has been doing good, I wish you all a very blessed month of Ramadan.

I remember we had shifted to Hyderabad more than 9 years back, and I did not like the new city, and new people here, and I almost vomited having haleem then. And now, after all these days, I fall more into love with the city every passing year. This picture pales in comparision to the city I have witnessed during Ramzan. Be it the non ending stores of colorful bangles at Lad Bazaar, the lovely intricately patterned garments at Madina Market, the yummiest Biryani, Mirch ka Salan, Haleem, etc here. Every single day this month is like a festival, every person’s enthusiasm makes you so cheerful. And I simply can’t wait to celebrate Eid there and let Hyderabad absorb me once again into its grandeur. 🙂