What am I upto !?!

Nothing concrete. Just reading up stuff, preparing for some exams, and updating my technical skills, in fear of an interview call. There was this call for an onsite assignment, and I was so excited, but it was for a UK project. Then there was an other call for a project, which said it would take 6-9 months for an onsite. So that was lost as well. I’m just waiting when my manager gets tired of finding me opportunities, and asks me to go ahead with a dependent. But isn’t it nice that he’s atleast trying, anyway I’m fine with any now. I’m just tired.

Ok do you guys know how to reject subscriptions to the blog, I mean I had put up a subscribe to this blog widget, and it got 4 of them, now I have removed it, and even changed the blogname, but the subscriptions remained, anyway to remove them ?!

I saw Darr movie the other day, what awesome acting by SRK, the Jaado teri nazar song by Udit Narayan, especially the below lyrics which convey the whole plot, lovely I say !

Mere khwabon ki tasveer hai tu,
Bekhabar meri taqdeer hai tu,
Tu kisi aur ki ho na jaana,
Kuch bhi kar jaaunga main deewana.

I went to this driving school near the house, and he said he wanted an address proof, Bah! where do I get a government attested one now. This address proof thing is not letting anything happen. I can never forget the struggle we had, to get the marriage registration thing done on time, we paid a cool 10k for it. But it is so stupid na, anyone can pay 10k, and get a marriage certificate, just like that. We had to visit this Registrar office near the Beach, and it was so bad. There was more work happening outside the office, than inside.

Good part is I’m going to Hyderabad for a week, to celebrate Eid with my family. The first thing I’ll do is have haleem, and then finish any pending shopping. It’s also the time when my sweet niece, Inaaya, turns two. So double celebrations this time. What do you think I should gift her? A cycle ?!