Holiday in Hawaii

Apologies to people lured here by the title, we haven’t been on one yet. 😛

It is just our dream vacation which might finalize in couple of months. Ever since Ims’ manager Karl told us about this awesome island Maui he visits often (he even got us some gifts from there, how thoughtful!), we have been craving to head there.

When Ims was called onsite to the West coast on particular request of K, while whole of his team is in the east, I wondered how we would manage with no friends. But now we know that he wanted us to enjoy California, he regularly gives us tips on the best eat-outs, places to visit which are not too crowded and our interests match a lot. We are loving it here, away from the hustle-bustle, almost feels like living on the countryside. And the place where K resides is like heaven, seriously I think he chose an apt location to live life, it is actually a village, his home is a lovely place near to the beach where he enjoys with his pets.

Back to Hawaii, have you seen an image doing rounds on Facebook of the Molokini island resembling moon and a star. It is cleverly photo shopped, see the original pic below. 😀

Photo Shopped - REAL

Photo Shopped – REAL