Ghar ka khana

Are any of you obsessed with ghar ka khana, I mean I know everyone loves it, but I think I go over board by packing as much food from home as I can for every vacation. Everyone including Ims feel I tire myself but I somehow get all the energy in the world to cook variety of food to indulge on the trip.

We have been going on tours almost every month after coming to the US, and I guess I have excelled in the packing department. We haven’t yet had a camping experience and I can’t wait to arrange one.

I love planning right from snacks to drinks to 3 course meals. Rice usually doesn’t stay long but lemon rice, khichdi or pulao are great for trips. Then the rotis can get soggy but parathas or pooris are apt. Water based curries are not a good idea while fries cooked in more oil remain yummy. Liquids are an important part of road trips, remember to carry water cans, I also take lime juice and buttermilk. And then comes the inevitable part, snacks to munch on.

I’ll soon list down for my own benefit and others on what all to stuff into the backpacks for road trips. Do share any tips from your side.

P.S. It is not that we don’t like to eat out, in fact we love experimenting different cuisines.