Don’t You Worry

I was so stressed the other day due to many commitments and an old friend’s signature on Gtalk caught my eye, it said ‘Don’t You Worry Child’, and though it had been years I talked to him, I messaged him saying ‘Thank you’. I’m sure he was taken aback, he then shared the song it came from. Believe it or not, it felt so right for what I was going through, and it has been playing at home since.

And that reminded me of an incident. Selected people from different colleges had to attend a 6-month training at a designated college for a project. It was there I met some lovely people and made great friends. We all did an unplanned mass bunk one fine day. There was a famous fest happening in this guy’s college and he arranged passes for Pritam’s concert. We all got our permissions and were eagerly waiting for the show. It was one of our firsts and I was uber excited. Pritam and his gang were late as expected but they cast a spell with their performances. I can never forget that evening, we shed our inhibitions and danced like crazy. Then Mohit Chauhan came on stage and we were mesmerized, imagine his singing under the moonlight night. Phew! we had to run to catch the last bus departing and even the introvert ones started singing again. It was amazing and so much unexpected fun. It was almost 1 in the night when we returned and I had to sleepover at a close friend’s place. That must be one of my most amusing impromptu days. 🙂