CSA and Cheesecake

The Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month initiative in 2011 opened my eyes wide to so many facts around me, I came across many survivor stories and each hit me so hard that I wanted to run and give a hug to them. It was all happening just around me, the society did a great job at hiding them under the carpet, nobody acknowledged the abuse faced by the little ones.

Instances from my own childhood came back haunting me which are nothing compared to what I read but now I knew it had a name, Child Sexual Abuse. Next was an episode on the same on Satyamev Jayate which brought the issue into every living room in India. I was so glad to see it being discussed openly and the Workshop in the end was the best part.


I’m not a Mother yet but I read with attention all the tips shared by parents on how to identify CSA and prevent it. The most important is listening to the signs of the Children, to teach them about good/bad touch from a young age. It has often seen that the abusers are not strangers, but somebody within the family, somebody close to the Child. What can be more terrifying ?! I request all of you to learn more about CSA from here.

P.S. Amidst all the uncertainties and the mess in my mind nowadays, a Cheesecake provides me the much needed relief. It is expensive for us but we love to indulge in it.