X for Xerox

I could think of just this with the letter ‘X’, how during college, it was such an integral part of our lives.

I was a meek girl then but I remember one incident where I got all the strength in the world.

It was time for my final year project submission and my records were still at the Xerox shop. It was too crowded with many guys and I was the only girl. The shopkeeper kept me waiting for over an hour.

I had to rush to a college far away to submit it and it was already evening. I asked him for my records one last time and when he again paid me no attention, that was it. I got mad and started shouting at him in English for 5 whole minutes. There was pin drop silence all the while with everyone’s eyes on me.

Then came the climax, some boys applauded and said ‘once more, once more’. 😀 And I felt like a hero.

I called my Dad then and he did the remaining and thus my project work was done.