Braid tales

I had long hair during my School days but hated it then because it meant typing up in tight braids and ribbons. I envied girls with short hair as they could leave them open and look cool. My bitterness continued seeing my hair turn wavy due to this. On the other hand, Mom loved my hair and enjoyed plaiting them.


When I got freedom and flew from home, there was no stopping me. I would get a new haircut very frequently, loved leaving my hair open. Mom would get pissed but I adored the parlor visits and the relaxing atmosphere.

All wasn’t well when location and climates changed and my hair could not withstand any of it. I was shattered and started trying almost every other new product in the market which further ruined my scalp.

You can imagine how devastated my Mom was for I was staying away and she could not help me. Finally she visited me one fine day and threatened me to use her favorite product from Dove, did not let me give it up, not in few washes at least.

It was back to braids like good old days again. Slowly I followed a proper pattern of hair care and I could see improvement in my hair texture. Meanwhile, Mom learnt the latest braid styles like the French, Fishtail braids etc. So it was a win-win in the end for us. Dove and Braids helped me get my healthy hair back.

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This post is an entry for Indiblogger’s Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids! contest with Dove.