Real Heroes

When BlogAdda came up with the ‘Soldier for Women‘ campaign, I knew I could write something for sure. But when I sat back and thought about it, sadly I did not remember the heroes as well as the villians, not that they weren’t any, just that bad memories stay longer. And I’m so glad with this initiative which brings to light the Good men in our society, I’m sure there are plenty of them. I will take this chance to rake my head and salute all of them who have supported or stood up for me.


  1. During my school, we were a chosen few attending an event at the Rotary club with our Principal and Vice-Principal, who were basically a husband-wife. The ceremony went great but it was real late when we reached the school back. My house was just a 5 minute walk away and I could easily go. All the others left by their cycles and my Principal was adamant on dropping me home. His wife even told him ‘Send the driver, you need not go’. But this hero retorted saying ‘She is like my daughter, I will do what I would have done for her’. This Sir remains one of my role models because of his help, support and great advises on many occasions.
  2. During college, we 5 people (3 girls and 2 boys) used to love hanging out at the Mehdipatnam circle in Hyderabad at the many chaat stalls. A salute to those friends who covered and protected us from some ugly crowd who tried to brush past us.
  3. Another salute to a friend and colleague in Chennai who made sure we reached home safe everytime.
  4. A huge salute to the male bloggers who stood up against crimes on Women and helped spread awareness and extended their helping hand.
  5. The last salute to the men in my family who never thought I was any less, who trusted me and let me fly and do what I wished, who have always encouraged me to take on new challenges for they were standing behind me as a strong support.

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