Quality vs Quantity

I have shamelessly always been a quantity person, but I now realize the importance of quality, all thanks to Ims. When we visit a mediocre shop, he lets me pick up things but I’m sure to not like them later. Also, it is important to know when to opt for either which I’m trying to learn and balance.

Well, quality does not always mean branded but it is hard for me to identify quality, so I take the easy way out by opting for brands now, it satisfies me at the end of the day. And my happiness knows no bounds if I find them at a lesser price. I think factory outlets are a great place to shop and my craze for online shopping is dying slowly after seeing the extra costs they attach to stuff.

I’m recently loving shopping at Vacaville, have already been there few times in the past months. There are many stores to choose from and you get great deals in every season.

Gorgeous Columbia Jacket

Gorgeous Columbia Jacket – Just $48

Banana Republic Sunglass - ONLY $12

Banana Republic Sunglasses – ONLY $12

Lovely little top from DKNY

Lovely little top from DKNY – Overpriced at $38

I even got a pair of sandals, boots, black jeans and BBW goodies at reasonable prices. I’m loving it ! Next on my lust list is a Fossil rose watch. Do share your shopping preferences.