Marriage and Motherhood

I have always been the obedient child in my family and when I declared marrying someone of choice, it shocked the hell out of everyone. But I loved this guy, we could not imagine being with anyone else. And our parents had no option except getting us married. It was not all pleasant then, each family and each of us had their own expectations and nobody relented. It seemed a roller coaster ride and I just wanted to get done with everything and run away from the maddening crowd. It was not all rosy here on but I’m glad we sailed through with our immense patience. This escape to US gave us lot of personal space to understand each other better and also find myself. I think we have our priorities right now, have our future planned, feel secure and should I say fell in love again. I think I have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding.

And now motherhood. Well, we don’t seem to be ready yet. I like kids but I’m unable┬áto accept that I could be that selfless. I in fact dread the delivery, but it sounds great though, to be able to mold someone.