Alive April Article

Firstly, I’m very much Alive. When Afshan told me about the April A to Z Challenge, I took lot of time to think if I wanted to do it. Part of me wanted to do it as I had never done this and my blog needed attention too. Then another part of me warned me saying you have your kitty full, are you sure ? And I finally decided to give it a try an hour back. So I’ll be posting everyday except for few generous blog holidays, and I think I’ll just write about current happenings in my life which I’m failing to log.

Next, my first beauty Article got posted on WiseShe, which made me happy first thing in the morning.

I’m having this bad ear pain since 2 days, it makes me so lazy and stupid listening to the echo of my own voice, so hating to talk and will pour out everything on the blog. 😛

See you tomorrow.

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