How not to make pasta

Well.. yeah, so don’t just cut carrots, beans, tomatoes etc and put them together with pasta and water in a container on the stove and expect it to cook.. And it won’t get any better after adding salt and pepper.. Whoa!! You have completely ruined it by adding lots of tomato sauce to it now.. That’s just not the way it is made, you bad cook, dreaming of a food blog, talk of great expectations.

There was this cool small green colored pack of pasta sold nearby, and the recipe mentioned on it was so easy, and pasta would come out really well. So instead of noting down the recipe, I believed it came naturally to me.. And now, I got lots of pasta at home, and have lost that green pack recipe. So I made it as described earlier.. Bah! I hope I learn to cook it well by the time all the pasta at home gets over at least.

We went out last weekend for shopping, and guess what; I again got few kurtas at LifeStyle. And this BigBazaar had a weird offer going on as always, a 100rs. gift voucher for a trial. HeeHaw, cleaned the whole house and surroundings too finally.

IndiBlogger approved my blog, and also wished me luck for the contest, So I could submit my entry, and I even posted it on FB, but the lazy friends I got haven’t voted for me yet, and I’m so pissed off at them. And I bought new books on Flipkart, as that’s all I can afford with the measly salary I get. And how I love the birthday cake cuttings our team has, that Saif’s DCH dialogue rings in my head whenever there is one ‘Cake khaane ke liye hum kahin bhi pahunch sakte hain’.. 😛