So there !

Nothing is happening in my life now, absolutely nothing. It’s like those star plus serials, where you miss a week’s episodes and realise you missed nothing, the story hasn’t moved an inch. There are so so many pending things to do, and I don’t know, I’m doing nothing, I’m super bored, I just feel like going on a long holiday somewhere alone, away from this busy life. I think I’m into some terrible quarter-life crisis phase now. I just want to sit and sulk and listen to music whole day.

Nain Parindey, Pagle Do Nain
Nain Parindey, Jaagein Din Raein
Pankh Jhatak Yeh Udh Jayenge
Aasmaan Mein Kho Jayenge
Maghroor Bade, Banjaare Nain
Nain Parindey, Pagle Do Nain