Doing nothing all day

My typical day starts with preparing breakfast and lunch in the morning, and after IM leaves for office, I tidy the house and sit with my laptop near the window watching stupid serials till noon, then after lunch do some browsing and reading. Then prepare dinner and sleep. The worst lifestyle anybody could have.

One thing I’m loving here are the free samples offered. I don’t let any chance miss and order whatever I can, the free pizzas, the free jewellery, and some sample beauty products and household items from here and there. My love for these free things started during my college days when I was so addicted to the radio, even more than TV and laptop.

I would not miss a show of my favorite RJs, tune in religiously every single day for hours together, regularly participate in their contests. And then I won, I won myself a Emraan Hashmi autographed music CD of his movie Gangster the first time, and then a shopping gift voucher and then a phone. And how can I forget the letters I wrote to Uncle Pai of Tinkle, I still cherish the replies I got.

My dad who does not believe and calls the contests as false promises, was surprised that they actually work. Then I left for work after college and had no time for these silly stuff. Book reading became my muse then, I used to order or borrow every other new Indian writer’s books then. And now the samples here in US.

I can’t resist the parcel/courier/mail, be it anything. Bliss !

I also started some online writing and survey assignments to pass my time, and ofcourse cooking, I keep trying out new dishes every now and then. Also planning to do some gardening soon.

I still feel I do nothing all day. Bah ! I can’t help it either.


How not to make pasta

Well.. yeah, so don’t just cut carrots, beans, tomatoes etc and put them together with pasta and water in a container on the stove and expect it to cook.. And it won’t get any better after adding salt and pepper.. Whoa!! You have completely ruined it by adding lots of tomato sauce to it now.. That’s just not the way it is made, you bad cook, dreaming of a food blog, talk of great expectations.

There was this cool small green colored pack of pasta sold nearby, and the recipe mentioned on it was so easy, and pasta would come out really well. So instead of noting down the recipe, I believed it came naturally to me.. And now, I got lots of pasta at home, and have lost that green pack recipe. So I made it as described earlier.. Bah! I hope I learn to cook it well by the time all the pasta at home gets over at least.

We went out last weekend for shopping, and guess what; I again got few kurtas at LifeStyle. And this BigBazaar had a weird offer going on as always, a 100rs. gift voucher for a trial. HeeHaw, cleaned the whole house and surroundings too finally.

IndiBlogger approved my blog, and also wished me luck for the contest, So I could submit my entry, and I even posted it on FB, but the lazy friends I got haven’t voted for me yet, and I’m so pissed off at them. And I bought new books on Flipkart, as that’s all I can afford with the measly salary I get. And how I love the birthday cake cuttings our team has, that Saif’s DCH dialogue rings in my head whenever there is one ‘Cake khaane ke liye hum kahin bhi pahunch sakte hain’.. 😛

Its an amusing reality

I’m sure you guys loved my new blog name and look, I had a cool 4 subscriptions and the blog hits crossed 600 last month.. I know, I know its insignificant, but I’m slowly getting there. And ofcourse, the CSA awareness did great. On work front, it has been pretty stagnant like before, nothing interesting, just stuck with some silly defects. And I got 2 new books last weekend, ‘Ohh yes I am single..! And so is my girlfriend’ and ‘All and nothing’.. I’m half way through the first one, and it’s better than the author, Durjoy Datta’s previous book, but not as good as his first one.
And yea.. my parents and siblings are here.. so its a welcome break from kitchen, but not so for poor Mom ‘cos its freaking hot here, and all I am doing since 2 weeks is chatting and giggling my way to glory with my sisters.. We could not go to Kanyakumari, but we roamed around our office campus, the new mall in the city, did some shopping and had fun at the beach, it was like a carnival out there on Saturday evening. And I’m not thinking twice before indulging in the pizzas, burgers and all. True that I have gained nearly 7 kilos in the last year, but I promise this is it, I’m seriously cutting down ABC (Alcohol, Bread & Carbohydrates) from the next week.
Of late, I have become an agony aunt for my friends.. First there was V who would call me for advices, and say that he would pay me a 100 for each consultation, lol.. Then there was this guy P who came up to me last week, saying he was having a rift with his girlfriend, and wanted me to talk to her and make her understand his point of view. Phew! I hardly knew her, but he was insisting I speak to her as a friend and said she might understand as I’m a senior :S.. I guess they are on the verge of a breakup, and I do not know how much of a help I can be, but I’m gonna call her up today.
And I feel so boring here, I seriously think I need a place change.. Its been 5 months and there is no update on IM’s visa yet. And my work doesn’t look good either. The best project I have worked with was the one in Bangalore. I stayed there last year for 5 months, and it was a great team to work with, and the work was equally challenging. I had the perfect alone time there, and also the weekend hopping and shopping with a friend S who showed me the city, and the amazing fest at his office and then a weekend off to a cousin’s place at Ramnagar, and a small and lovely trip to Mangalore finally, it was so much fun there, it’s a beautiful place, perfect for a vacation sans the crowd.
Well, so here I take your leave, and I’ll be back soon with more updates. Hey!! Did I tell you, I am lost watching the serial ‘Navya’ on TV these days.. The guy is so cuteee.. And did you watch Salman’s new song ‘Character Dheela..’, very catchy and hummable, and that Veer girl looks good too 😀

Life is what you make it

If you did not know yet, this is the title of the second book of one of my favourite bloggers Preeti Shenoy. I have ordered my copy from Flipkart, and you can order too, simply because it feels good reading what she writes. I really admire her a lot.

While coming to office today morning, I saw a man (he probably delivers cylinders) on his luna waiting at the traffic signal with me. I could not help wonder the meaning of the above context in his case. He, like many others live their whole life for others. I mean they dedicate their life to just get the basic necessities for their families. They hardly have time to sit and think of their own needs or likes. I know this blog would never reach whom it is intended to, but lets not be helpless like most of them. Life is truly what you make it. Lets make a small list of things we would like to do before we breathe our last, and try our best to accomplish it. Lets donate some time for ourselves in this busy world and not regret doing so on our death-bed. Lets jump in the rain, attempt skydiving, write a story, care a damn of what others think of us and do whatever it is we wish to. And I promise myself I would follow it too. 🙂