And it goes on

I had this exam to give on wednesday, and I did not clear it. 😐 Ok, I was not well prepared, but like I said earlier, I’m a hopeless optimist, I always think everything will eventually happen my way, Baah! and I flunked, ok anyway, I have an other chance, so chuck it.

Then I borrowed my first book from the BookWorms Club in our office, ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, read it at one go and finished it in a day. I had heard a lot of good reviews about it, and I kind of knew the story, and expected some events in it. But what amazes me about the book is not only the story, but also the story telling. It is so meticulously written, even a small thing explained in detail which makes you imagine so beautifully. I loved reading it.

Then I discovered this blog here , and read all of it in a day too, really good one, added it to my blogroll, and I also liked the names she has used there, calls herself Pepper and her husband as Mint. I’m also thinking of some nice names like that now, may be something like Tom Jerry, Pani Puri, Fruit Nut, blah blahblah.. suggest some na.

We were 8 of us staying in a 4bhk last year, and the mother of one of the girls came to stay with us for a month. She cooked nice food for us, and picture this while having dinner one fine evening.
Aunt: ‘What difference do you find in the rice today?’
I was surprised to say the least, firstly I’m not a good cook, and secondly what do these white grains even taste like to say the difference.
Aunt: ‘Don’t they look larger, and fluffy?’.
Me: ‘Yeah, it’s good, what did you do?’
And then she beamed, and started the tale, of how soaking it for an hour makes them so.
Me: Eye-Rolling smiley.

You know my MIL and SIL observe a lot, like the clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags etc etc.The other day when we were watching TV..
MIL: ‘Hey, did you see the saree she wore?’
Me: ‘Er.. yeah it was good na, a yellow one’
Here I say it is good/bad based on the expression on her face, and I know I should have stopped at the first part, but I think I love taking risks.
MIL: ‘Nono.. that sea green one’
Me: (Trying to search on the screen) ‘Oh that one ? Yes, its so beautiful na’
MIL: (Happy) ‘Yeah’.
Me: Thank God.

There have been so many instances like this, and I can’t, for the life of me, remember or observe who wears what and which jewellery they wore when etc., I can gladly identify my stuff though. 😛