Dove Real Beauty

When I read of the Dove Real Beauty contest on IndiBlogger, and ofcourse of the prize money, I was thrilled, and wanted to pen down my thoughts too.. But then when I sat back to actually write them, I was perplexed.. Seriously, what could be real beauty? I took 2 days to talk to as many people I could about this, and none of the answers satisfied me.

Most of them say inner beauty; a good heart is a real beauty, But then why do I feel beautiful when I visit a beauty salon.

Some say beauty lies in a child, its innocence, But then isn’t it so for just the parents. There have been times I have been annoyed with kids, and felt like smacking them.

Nah, flowers don’t amuse me, and neither do compliments beautify me. Nor do I feel every woman is a real beauty, as I am familiar with some beautiful men in my life as well.

Beauty for me, is anything or anyone for that matter which makes me say wow, which inspires me to take pride in myself, and which simply makes me feel beau-ti-ful.

It could be getting drenched in the rains, when I see everything superficial wash away, and purity prevailing, so close to nature, I feel content.

It could be in the spirit to sail through the everyday hassles of a busy life with a smile. I am inspired to stay put and give my best.

That charming new hairstyle, the magnificent sky, that laudable attitude, those sweet old photographs, that encouraging survivor, the affable smile, that engaging book, those fulfilling prayers, For me, Beauty lies in each one of them and many more.

At the end of this episode, I’m glad this contest gave me an opportunity to unearth the mysteries of beauty. Blank would have been the answer had someone asked me this till yesterday. Not anymore. This made me think beautiful.

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