Leftover Biryani

is probably the best start to any morning. There is no thinking of what to cook, and it feels like I’m all set for the day. Anyway, it was Ox’s birthday yesterday and I was so excited being with him on his birthday. I gifted him an amazon gift card I earned by completing surveys online in my free time which he loved. Then I attempted to make a full cake for him which tired the hell out of me, and I requested Ox to wake me up by 12 for the cake cutting session and dozed off. πŸ˜€

I don’t know why I had this great vision of something similar to a bakery cake, all soft and fluffy, but the outcome was fine (not bad). I next targeted Chicken burritos and salad to pack for his lunch as he loves Mexican food. It was good, but I could not assemble all of it, just randomly stuffed them. πŸ˜›

cake 1

cake 2

Ended the day with an Indian dinner which is my forte, and I was finally glad. I made the tried and tested Mutton Biryani, Dalcha, Raitha, Bread Halwa and round Samosas. Yumm !! And I had no patience left to click good pics, so you will have to settle with this one. πŸ™‚


In other news, we went for grocery shopping and I took time to dress well with makeup and all after a long time. Ox was surprised and asked me if I knew where we were going. lol. Today has been a cold lazy day. I can’t wait for Christmas and New year shopping.


Bakrid Special

We were as usual excited of this festival too. I, for the first time after coming here, attended the mass Eid prayers, which was a different experience and went very well. The Friday prayers happen in the mosque but this was at a hotel because of the crowd. It was freezing early morning but the excitement made me wake up early, prepared yummy breakfast and since our driving license has expired till our visa extension, we walked in the cold to catch a bus at 8. There were many afghani people, and their dressing caught my eye, which was really unique and nice, literally like we see and hear on tv or books.

Anyway, we returned by 11, and started making preparations for the Biryani, which came out well, and that too with little help from Ox this time. I think my strength is that I don’t stir much and let it lie, thus not breaking the rice. πŸ˜‰ And the rest of the day was spent in just hogging food, watching movies and chilling at home.

One bad news is while returning, we ran to catch a bus and in the process, I dropped the new iPhone 5. Fortunately we had bought a cover for it just last week which braved the scratches. Poor Ox got so upset. 😦

We went to a mall for some window shopping the next day and guess what I bought. A beautiful black blazer from Forever 21, finally, which I’m loving right now. And we are eagerly waiting for the thanksgiving shopping fest in the coming months. Hope we get the license by then.

Now for the menu. When we went for meat shopping the previous day, we found fresh goat liver and kidney which I immediately bought because we find it very rarely here. So breakfast was the liver kidney curry, pooris and ofcourse the delicious Sheer Khurma. And lunch and dinner was the traditional mutton biryani, handi chicken, dalcha (a kind of dal mixed with vegetables, tamarind and also some meat, popular at Ox’s place in Andhra, which I love but never get right) and raitha. In all the hurry, I could not click great pics, so here are few which I managed. And I wish we had some guests too. πŸ™‚

Eid Special

I tried my best to create the festive environment since we have neither family nor too many friends here. I could not and did not miss the mehendi, the shopping, the clothing, the prayers and of course the food. We were so skeptical of how it would turn out but it was just fine, we had fun, especially cooking together. Let me put up some pictures and let them do the talking.

The last pic was my creation, it is funny, isn’t it ?! πŸ˜€

Ramzan Mubarak

I hope everybody out there has been doing good, I wish you all a very blessed month of Ramadan.

I remember we had shifted to Hyderabad more than 9 years back, and I did not like the new city, and new people here, and I almost vomited having haleem then. And now, after all these days, I fall more into love with the city every passing year. This picture pales in comparision to the city I have witnessed during Ramzan. Be it the non ending stores of colorful bangles at Lad Bazaar, the lovely intricately patterned garments at Madina Market, the yummiest Biryani, Mirch ka Salan, Haleem, etc here. Every single day this month is like a festival, every person’s enthusiasm makes you so cheerful. And I simply can’t wait to celebrate Eid there and let Hyderabad absorb me once again into its grandeur. πŸ™‚

World Cup Fervor

So finally India won.. yesss, we won !! And we had an amazing time on Saturday. Few friends came over to catch the match, and we were all set, and just prayed the power does not go off, and it didn’t, well.. who would spare them then.. It did go off before the match and we had to prepare all the food for lunch without it.. Anyways, I got a chance to show off what little cutlery we bought and my not so good cooking skills to my guests.

But it came out real well we were told, and we enjoyed the match so much, no one even moved from their places. But when Sehwag and Sachin got out, the boys left the match for the first time disappointed and went out for a walk, and everybody was back in form again after that.. Finally as Dhoni hit a six, all were ecstatic and jumped and screamed and did what not. The kids in the neighborhood gave us a good company too.

It was such a fun environment at home till midnight, and that’s how great our Saturday went. And needless to say, the whole Sunday was spent in cleaning up and taking rest. We just lazed around, browsed, slept, read, watched TV, I finally saw Wake Up Sid, and simply loved it.. I knew I would like it.


It’s been nearly 2.5 months since marriage, and I have been little busy travelling and visiting everyone, working and trying to manage a home, and to top it, I can’t even afford to take a leave since I’m already on a Loss of Pay, but nevertheless, I am enjoying it, and finally could lose some of the weight I put on among all this, and I’m now back to my proper diet, blog world, and my way of life earlier, as my in-laws left just 2 weeks back. I & I set out one weekend to revamp the house, and it looks nice and colorful now. I’ll post the photos soon. Every day in kitchen is an experiment I make, and it sometimes does come out well. The bachelor days just passed by having whatever tasted fine, but the cooking woes have begun now, but I am so determined, and have been going through so many recipe sites and blogs. I simply love cooking but I am not that good a cook, but I do try my best, and I hope I can be a Master Chef someday.. πŸ˜› (Kidding!) Nothing more to say as of now, than that I am loving it.. And more updates to follow soon.