My baby is 6 months old now, it is true when they say that kids grow too fast.

MIL has left to India and I so miss all the help. Its been a week now and each day is going in a hurry.

Little Ani is going to a home daycare now, we felt horrible on the first day 😦 She was fine when we dropped her there, but by end of the day, she was crying 😦 I think she was scared with the new environment and new people.

Its been few days and thankfully the situation is much better.

Today morning I was hurrying up as usual, my baby was fussy and roaming around near my legs. I was packing her food and could not give her much attention. She started crying and Ims picked her up. I felt terrible while dropping her to the daycare. I think she is upset with me. I should seriously plan my time better. I need to spend more time with her and less time on house tasks. This is to remind myself again and again incase I get lost in this daily maze of tasks.

Work is going good, I like the team, not the work 😛 but I think I can manage fine.

The good part is I’m enjoying seeing Ani grow. The way she learnt to crawl, sit, eat, it is so fascinating. I’m in love with her!


2 thoughts on “Guilt!

  1. Hey Jazz. Sorry I am reading this so late. Hope things are better now. Its very hard. but I have come to believe that its not as hard as we think it is for kids. They are very resilient. Hugs to you both 🙂

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