We got home with Aniya, and it felt easy to take care of her with Mom around. All the cooking was managed by her, also massage and bathing the baby. I took good rest, and felt much better in 2 weeks.

Time passed by quickly and it was time for Mom to leave, I show myself to be strong but I was crying inside, I hope she had a good time on her first visit to the US.

I was so worried how we would handle the baby ourselves, but thankfully it was not so bad. We learnt to bathe her together and adapted to her feed/sleep routine.

Sometimes when she dozes off on top of me, and I hear her small breathing in the silence around, it gives me so much peace.

She started smiling a lot since 3 weeks and it fills my heart with joy whenever she smiles.

I’m planning to join work soon. My MIL is visiting us for 3 months, and we need to think of a Daycare option for Aniya after that, she will be of 6 months then.

There is still time but these daycares have long waiting lists and so we have started our research on them. The ‘mommy guilt’ is killing me each time I think of the day I’ll have to leave her at a daycare.

How do you guys manage to be away from the kids, I could do with some tips please.


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