Hello People!

I’m so happy to finally pen down the much awaited blog post.

Let me begin from where I left.

So we went to some pregnancy classes just so we are prepared to handle the newborn. Those were really fun, there were other expectant couples, we did exercises together.

Then the last trimester arrived, I prepared for my maternity leave, wrapped up my work, my office mates arranged for a surprise baby shower (but the email was sent to me too by mistake, which they recalled but I had already read it lol). Next my mom arrived and I was so happy to see her after a very long time.

Now the waiting game started, I read and read and read of more delivery experiences, I sometimes dreamed of a quick and easy delivery and then woke up sad. When my Obgyn said if I’m not dilated in another week, she would induce me, I got even scared. I was worried how I would know I should rush to the hospital, how the contractions would feel.

My sister had delivered few weeks before and I was now more than eager.

We did a tour of the delivery ward, packed our labor bags, looked up some names for the baby and were almost prepared to welcome the new member. I did lots of walking every night, and then the day arrived.

My due date was October 28, and I had mild cramps at around 12 in the night the same day, I ignored them but they went on for the next 2 hours that too every 5-10 minutes, then I wondered if these were contractions, ha-ha! This went on till 3AM, my mom asked us to just go to the hospital, but we thought we should go only when the pain intensifies as we were told so in the class. I called the Obgyn and she said we could wait.

And then I bled little bit, and immediately rushed to the hospital with our bags, we got dressed, Ims packed his camera etc. The pain was still bearable, I thought we would be asked to come back.

I changed at the hospital exam room and bled little more this time. The nurse checked me and said “you are 2cm dilated, oh wait.. you are 7cm dilated”. Ims asked her if that means we are staying here now, she said you definitely are. I was so happy I still felt just cramps and not much pains.

Then I walked to the labor room, and suddenly felt intense pain and the need to push. Ims got scared hearing it. The nurses checked me and I was fully dilated, they waited for a doctor. And finally asked me to push, which I did with the contractions. Then I declared I can’t push any longer, everybody told me I was almost there. Then I remembered the movie delivery scenes lol and decided to just push till its done. Then within few minutes the baby was out, at 4.18AM.

It all happened that quick, no time to even get our labor bag out of the car, no time to think of medications, no time to even call our families to update, sigh!

Ims and I had tears in our eyes, it was a beautiful moment. We stayed 2 days at the hospital which I enjoyed fully, ate good Indian food (unexpected!). The nurses were so helpful, we ordered some goodies for them as it was Halloween time, they gifted a pretty little pumpkin hat.

Oh btw, it was a baby girl and we named her ‘Aniya’. 🙂


To be continued…


15 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. awwwww welcome back babes 🙂 had the little two tears on reading the happiness of yours 🙂 🙂 such a cutiee pie she is 🙂 and the name is so beautiful 🙂 happy motherhood and congratulations for the big daddu 🙂

  2. Congrats Jazz. 🙂 So happy to hear your news. I read about how normal deliveries can go on but see Aniya managed to make sure her mom doesn’t suffer. 🙂 Hahha. So happy for you guys. Beautiful name. Lots of love to little one and take care of both of you. 🙂

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