Pregnant updates

  1. Maternity jeans is the best thing to have happened to me during my pregnancy.
  2. I have become so emotional. Recently I was angry on Ims and told him no food for you, he held his stomach and was saying feeling hungry please feed me, and I felt like crying.
  3. Fortunately office has been stress-free lately but I’m not liking few new people at all, they are very unethical.
  4. There is a new guy at work who is such a simpleton just like Suppandi, he calls me Ma’am, and the funny part is he still does not know about my pregnancy though I’m in my last trimester now. I feel proud thinking I haven’t gained much weight but Ims says he might be thinking you are this fat generally.
  5. I’m now trying to remember my friends’ kids names, so many babies around.
  6. Finally my Mom, MIL and FIL got their visas issued but my Dad’s got stuck for additional verification, I’m sad but I’m not giving up.
  7. Right now I’m busy with a lot of things on my mind, most of them not related to work and that makes me happy.
  8. I have also become forgetful, have been making many lists of things-to-do lately.

3 thoughts on “Pregnant updates

  1. forgetful .. ah ha now i know why you don’t visit my blog 🙂 he he he he

    How are you doing 🙂

    good to know that visa formalities are getting over and soon everyone will be around .. my best wishes alwaysssssssssss

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