I need to

Sorry for missing in action for so long.

Ims’ grandfather expired today and I had too many thoughts in my mind that I had to come here.

He had a brain stroke and battled in the ICU for more than a month before giving up.

Ims used to stay with him and is very close to him, even grandpa has a soft corner for him. He is upset he is the only grandchild missing there today.

But we feel the good part is he traveled to India to see him last month. When they met in the ICU, granpa stared at him and held his hand and cried.

The little memories I have of him are very pleasant. I’m reminded of the time he came to stay with us in Chennai, the only mention I have of him here.

He has five daughters whom he educated well, he believes education is most important.

All I can think of him is his laugh, he was a foodie, he had the taste for good food. There is an old chair at his home which is solely his, I think it will remind us of him. I remember we had trouble communicating initially as we could not understand each other’s language well, but I know he liked me.

I felt good to hear all our relatives traveling from different parts of India for his funeral.

May his soul rest in peace!


8 thoughts on “I need to

  1. I was so happy to see your post Jazz but this saddens me…I have lost my grandparents and I can relate to the emptiness…hugs to you and Ims…hope you guys feel better

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