Has it ever

.. happened to you that you dislike something in yourself and someone complements you for it. For example, I haven’t been a fan of my smile, I have huge teeth. But recently when my roommate had relatives, her brother and sister-in-law found my smile very pretty, they liked how I laughed from heart. How sweet and inspiring is that.

Ims is in Brea for some official release, I called him sometime back and sang the below song. I’m sure he would have blushed, it was too funny. 😀


6 thoughts on “Has it ever

  1. I still dislike most of the things I disliked about myself earlier. My hair, skin, nose.. eeks. Oh but I also disliked my eyes for most of my life, but since so many people tell me they are pretty, I have started believing that too. To an extent 🙂

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