Ims was here

.. 2 weeks back and we did some shopping again, now I have everything I need in my room, it feels good. My roomie(H) had 2 cousins staying for a week then too, it was the snow storms week and all 6 of us worked from home on few days, it was fun.

Then last weekend, H’s battalion of relatives were here (about 10), but gladly everybody was cool, and what helped us gel well were the cards games, the good old dumb charades, pictionary etc., it were a sleepless 2 days with loads of delicious food.

Then we went for the movie Highway, which I had less expectations from but ended up loving it. I was pleasantly surprised and was left wanting for more, it is a must watch for the sensitive issues it shows.

Also, I’m beginning to see the beauty of snow. On the mornings I travel by bus, I see small pools or rivers amidst snow and it looks so damn lovely.

I’m slowly getting better at work too, it is not too demanding, it is cool.

And oh yes, we visited New Jersey to meet Ims’ brother-in-law who is here for a month, it was good seeing him after more than 2 years. Then one of our old friends visited us and we walked along the Hudson river. Next we went to another old friend’s home as she was pregnant and enjoyed there.



Btw, Ims got me a beautiful pair of swarovski earrings (He had been to Brea for some official work and had few hours to pass one day, he went to a mall and called me up. He asked me what I wanted, I said surprise me), I got him a funny card and a box of chocolates for Valentine’s.

One of the days, H’s hubby decorated home with balloons and I love you’s and flowers and cake, me and her cousins made the couple pose like some movie posters and did a photo shoot.

That’s it from me folks, I’m pestering Ims to come here again soon.


3 thoughts on “Ims was here

  1. Hi =

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my review of Saathiya. I’ve reviewed many Indian films.
    I do wish to see Highway – but I’ll have to wait for the DVD.

    I think I recognize your New Jersey/Hudson River location from the picture. I lived in an apartment right on the Hudson River in Weehawken, NJ. I think where you took that photo is probably near Jersey City, Hoboken, or Bayonne. Am I right?


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