I’m such a

..nutcase, I want to remain anonymous but end up announcing to everyone I meet about my blog.

I planned to write a detailed post today but unfortunately my laptop charger broke and hence this post from the WordPress app on my phone.

Did I tell you LiFi was here the week I came but we could not meet, hopefully next time.

I finally met my employer, from my consultancy here last week, who I have been in touch with for a year now. GPS goofed up and I could not locate the proper address. It was too cold and finally he came to pick me up. In my excitement, I skid just before meeting him. I was slightly hurt but I found it too funny and filmy.

I realized something recently, I might crib about the bad weather, the long distance travel daily etc., but isn’t this just what I wanted. Remember the song I called my song last year from the movie ‘Love aaj kal’ about Saif in his new job. I think it is just like that for me now, I’m loving it.

I’m not moving to a smaller and closer apartment anymore, not now at least. I like the freedom, my roommate here. Also I could not move after she told me she likes me and wanted me to stay. I bought a beanbag and a fleece blanket recently, I love cuddling up and watching a movie on it. That reminds me I must get some books to pass my time.

Today we had dinner and just sat chit chatting for hours after that. It felt good, reminded me of my Mysore training days where we spent sleepless nights studying and talking. Nothing like friends around, isn’t it.


10 thoughts on “I’m such a

  1. I used to do that too sometime back – tell people about my blog. Good to know that you are loving the job and also liking your roommate. As long as you have a good and understanding roommate, life will not be tough.

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