Hey blog !

It has been nearly 15 days since my last post, and it feels like some months have passed.

I felt sad to leave the beautiful Bay area but had to. I flew with dreams in my eyes, but felt so disheartened with the gloomy weather here. I was so nervous and the environment just made it worse, Ims was to leave in couple of days too. Time did not stand still and it was my first day already. I had to reach by 8.30 but we were shocked to see our frozen car in the morning. Then there was a small accident on the way due to fog and I reached a good 20 mins late. I was feeling so upset but my manager was super cool.

The apartment I moved to is really huge and beautiful but pretty far from my office. I tried to find some carpool but no luck. So I have to travel by bus which takes 3 hours each day. Tears rolled down when Ims left but I had to be strong. Currently I found another apartment closer to office and will move there next month. I feel little sad again because it is nice here, a good roommate H, separate bed and bath but alas.

H and her husband are here now, they are fun loving people. We went for the movie ‘Jai Ho’ today. Kaun kambakht story ke liye jaata hai, hum toh shirtless Salman ko dekhne gaye the (I mean, who goes to see the movie story, I went to watch the shirtless Salman Khan). I wonder why people don’t make noise in the theater here, I almost let out a scream when Salman entered, I regret not knowing to whistle.

It is freezing here, I shudder seeing snow fights on TV, it is torturous.

I feel comfortable with my team and project already though real work is yet to start.


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