Hey guys, I’m here, with many updates as compensation for my absence.

1. Ims’ grandmom became too ill suddenly, and we were even planning if we should go.. But thank heavens, she turned better slowly in some weeks, she is still recuperating.

I had an interview one evening which went bad and with everyone sad about granny’s situation, I burst into tears and begged God to make things better, I told Him He could choose not to give me a job but improve her health. Can you believe there was a very slightest improvement just the next day.

2. My dear Ims turned 30, but sadly I could not do any grand celebrations, just baked a cake and made some good food, I’ll get him a Macbook sometime later.

3. Then my sister and her family visited us for few days, which was somewhat unplanned but still fun, they loved California. Only problem was Eru could not jump and run as it disturbed our downstairs neighbors. We bought her an RC car and a tent.

4. Ims’ sister’s husband visited New Jersey for a short term. Though we could not meet him, we sent loads of gifts for them which I had fun shopping and looking for the best deals etc. He returned few days back and I was eager to hear from them, they loved the stuff as expected.

5. We went on a 5 day trip to Las vegas – Hoover Dam – Grand Canyon – Zion National Park – Death Valley for the New years eve and our wedding anniversary which is on Jan 2. It was tiring but we enjoyed it. Err.. We also saw an adult show in LV which was lovely. I know you will laugh at me if I say it was very decent, but it really was, classy and the crowd very well behaved.

6. And.. and.. and.. I finally got a job.. Yayy !! The salary is less according to my consultancy but it is good enough for us. Only hitch is it is in Connecticut, so I’m moving there next week and Ims is trying for a transfer.

2013 has been great, and I hope 2014 will have more surprises.

Happy happy new year to all of you !!


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