Hey !

Hi people, how have you been ?!

Not much updates from my side. Ims has an only teammate here who came recently from India, I met him during one of the project get-together. It was his birthday few days back and he wanted to treat us, but we postponed it to a weekend so we could go out farther. It was his first trip in the US and he was very excited. We drove to our favorite place Point Lobos, it was drizzling but still beautiful.

(We went to Big Sur last year to visit a couple and they showed us around. When we left from their home, we still had a day left, so we just drove along and chanced on this beauty ‘Point Lobos’, it was a perfect place to spend few hours. I liked it even better than the famous 17-mile drive. I was surprised nobody told us of this, so I googled on reaching home and was satisfied to see it having a 5/5 rating and many people who thought it was much better than other popular spots there.) 😀

Ims was scared to take his camera out and so we clicked limited photos but we went there just with the intention of chilling out. We dined at the Nepenthe for its awesome views but sadly fog took over. We relaxed at the Carmel beach and watched dogs play, some were very swift. A very pleasant and relaxing day after a long time, I think we are on a break from traveling because we even let the long weekend pass by.




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