Phone Saga

.. Continues ..

So finally Ims got his phone after exchanging twice which he was satisfied with. But guess what, while driving one evening, the phone was with me to check for directions. I did not handle it carefully and it slipped into the space between the seats. 😦

It got a very small scratch on the side and Ims spent sad sleepless days. 😛

Then he decided he will again exchange it, and waited for it eagerly. But this new one had a small dent, poor him was disappointed and went to the store, and was not convinced at the pieces there too.

Came back home and called the customer service to narrate his woes. Then today, they sent another phone which Ims says looks used but no other problem. And he just adjusted with this, the fifth one.

I told him to again exchange if he is not satisfied and HTC might send him all phones so that he can pick his preferred one. 😀

He was sitting in the noon with the three phones, deciding for hours which one to keep and which ones to return. He even clicked pictures of them. And how can this series end without his trademark PJ. Ims tells me “Jazz, this is not HTC One, this is HTC Three” (referring to the below pics). Go figure !



7 thoughts on “Phone Saga

  1. Bang bang bang!!! IMS 🙂 🙂 from where you learnt to use these words!!! sigh!! I agree this time jazz, this is exactly a PJ 😀 😀 eh HTC will get a free ambassador if IMS plan to call one more time 🙂 🙂

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