Song and Dance

We might be shy, have two left feet but we love Music/Dance, no wonder the reality shows based on them are so popular. Nothing like dancing like no one’s watching.


Nina Davuluri won the Miss America pageant and like most of us, I was very happy and proud too. Her bollywood dance talent on one of my favorite songs is a treat to watch, I have been replaying it since yesterday, her excitement, the amazing cheering gave me goosebumps.

I got into my philosophical mood and was going on about the importance of having dreams, the success/failure, the journey and destination, how special the moments are blah blah to Ims. I told this to a friend and she said she did the same too, in her words, there are times we get over-inspired. 😀


When Ims and me were dating, he had organized a trip to the beautiful Wayanad for my birthday. As expected I said no, and he brought in our friends from the project team. We were a gang of around 25 people and it was a great vacation.

They played the above song in the bus and Ims, his friends Ad and Am got so excited and started jumping and dancing. I had heard it the first time then, later came to know it is a popular song from 1989 sung by a Pakistani singer. Me and my sister love the song now.

And last night, we danced on the same song in kitchen while cooking dinner, it was silly and funny to sing and dance after a long time. 😀

P.S: I realized I don’t lock in much of daily happenings on the blog and decided to do that so they don’t erase with time. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Song and Dance

    • Did you see yet ?! 😀 Yeah, dancing is so fun and a great exercise.. I wish we did not have wooden floorings here so that I can shake a leg freely anytime at home.. 😀

  1. nina deserves the award. how much grace she had while dancing 🙂 🙂 I was spell bound! the second song I have heard, now I feel like dancing for this 🙂 🙂 🙂 that’s so so cute of you both dancing while cooking 🙂 wha wha 🙂 🙂 wish you recorded 🙂 🙂 I am sure you will blush and cherish this time when you re-read in future 🙂

    • Yes Chipmunk, wasn’t it good.. Some stupid people commented on Youtube saying kids dance better in Indian dance shows, can’t they see and appreciate that she did Indian dance in America and they loved it.


  2. hahaha…loved the over-inspired thing…it does happen 🙂
    and keep dancing…S-Man and I too share such cute stupid moments where we dance like jerks. I am telling you a little secret now. Dance brought us together. He remembers my dancing on ‘yai re’ from rangeela and was immediately hooked 😉 and then he tried to impress me with his dancing talent on ‘O o janne jaana’ because of my love for Salman and I fall for him 🙂 Please overlook the fact that we were not even teenagers then 😀

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