Saturday morning 2 crazy people Jazz and Ims had a challenge on who will throw the other out of the bed first. I was over confident that I’ll win as last checked I weighed more than Ims 😛 but Ims won twice in ‘Best of 3’, and Jazz says cheating, must do thrice and I lose again. 😀

Both are brainstorming on what to eat for dinner, Dosa or Roti. After lot of discussions, Ims has a slip of tongue and says I’ll eat ‘Rota’, and Jazz says ok, I’ll have ‘Dosi’ then. 😛

Ims is so obsessed with his new HTC One, he bought it 2 weeks back and his first issue was sound is not proper and exchanged it, next it was camera is not proper and again exchanged it, now is happy with the current one. He suddenly asks me to dance last night to experiment with some slow motion editing which came great (not my dance :P).

And guess what, we booked our first swimming class for this weekend, can’t wait. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Crazy-House

    • 😀 Thanks TP.. Yea, I weigh more, I’m trying to lose some weight nowadays, and swimming is one good way of exercise, hope it helps.. Thanks for the Gujarati lesson 😉

  1. ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 🙂 you guys are two cute 🙂 🙂 swimming 🙂 wohaaa!!! its a great workout, but make sure, you don’t get tan if it is a open pool 😦 🙂 wishes for the new enrollment and touch wood for IMS without any issues this time 😉

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