NASA Magic

The hotel we booked at Cocoa (Orlando) was beachfront, but again not the dreamy beach facing one. I see a pattern, all our vacations fly by with us rushing here and there but end in such serenity which makes it all worth.

We woke up early not to miss the free breakfast, tummies were growling with no dinner the previous night, ate to our hearts content at the buffet. We had booked a day at the NASA, and leisurely reached by 12.

There are many shows running simultaneously and we knew we could not cover all of them, so chose the ones that sounded exciting. I absolutely loved everything, the shows of the first Space travel, Moon landing, the interviews, experiences etc. I could hear the ‘Swades‘ music around me, I was completely mesmerized, space talk has always fascinated me. It was such a vast area, so calm and I so wished I was on time to see a launch, but nevertheless. I even told Ims to look for jobs at NASA. 😀

I don’t really remember all the details, promise myself to post on time, it has been more than a month. Damn !
















I felt there was lots to learn , particularly the sayings splattered on almost every wall, the tiny details of the astronauts. A day very well spent, I’d love to go again. Good thing was it closed at 5, giving us much time for the rest of the day. They also sold a kind of Icecream called ‘Space Dots’.


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