Doing nothing

Time is literally running these days. When I read TP’s post ‘After a week’, I was shocked thinking when and where did a week go, it felt like just yesterday I read her previous post. And also, I remember I was planning for trip and now we have been there and back, and even Ramzan is here. Gosh! Time is really running fast.

Anyway, from Charlotte, we flew to Jacksonville and picked our rented car. We were hungry and planned on having an elaborate dinner once we reach the hotel at night, but it was too late and we had to settle with some ready to eat pastas from the pantry.

The suite we booked was not as good as Hyatt but had all the amenities we wanted and was simple and great in its own form. Ims had lot of work here, he would leave for office at 6AM and return by 7PM, and again work from home.

We stayed for 5 days here and my typical day was to wake up early for the yummy breakfast, then roam around. I was glued to TV and indulged in cooking. I went grocery shopping one day and made Mutton Biryani, felt very proud to cook it without much ingredients, thanks to Shan masalas. 😛

Our plan was to drive to Miami on the last day but a friend suggested an old town St.Augustine nearby. So we went there first and got late by the time we reached Miami.

Again not many pics here as we were in hurry. We took a short bus tour to roam this oldest city in US, also visited Ripley’s Believe it or not. It was too hot and we got tired already, took a relaxing break at Harry’s Seafood & Grill, the food was filling and delicious, just what we wanted.


Coke. :-D

Coke. 😀




Oldest House

Oldest House



The rotating circle path.

The rotating circular path.


Off to Miami ;-)

Off to Miami 😉


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