Life is shorter than it seems

I have rarely seen my Dad cry and last evening it broke my heart to hear him cry so bitterly, I feared the worst but my mind told me that cannot be possible. But unfortunately, it was true. My cousin lost his baby, a little 1.5 year old kiddo. 😦

I had met him just once but had recently spoken to the parents who were telling me how naughty he has become. I’m unable to imagine the pain they are going through now. Life is so unpredictable, and each one of us so vulnerable.

Rest In Peace dear Azeez.


16 thoughts on “Life is shorter than it seems

  1. Rest in peace Azeez may your cousin find peace and strength I cannot even imagine what trauma the family must be going through. On sunday my grand father passed away, he was almost 87 and had been unwell for a month. I am having a difficult time coping with this loss but it is nothing compared to your cousin’s pain. My prayers are with the family it is in times like this that one really doubts faith, God and everything else. I will keep them in my prayers

  2. OMg!! but how, pity the kiddo, what the baby knows, at times god does things which is not at all appropriate to their ages. hugs for the parents, its really hard to hear……

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