This is an FB group for Women, by Women and of Women. It has been an year today that the group has started and I have joined it just recently. I must say I’m proud and glad to be a part of it, the best thing that happens is the way all members cheer up each other and there is never a dull moment.

I remember this quote ‘Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional’ for the group. I love to see the bond that exists among everyone, and the discussions keep me grounded and sane.

Here is a lovely collage representing us.

Here is a lovely collage representing us.

On the eve of its first birthday, my celebration was an amazing weekend spent outdoors. We went hiking to one of our favorite places ‘Point Reyes’, it seems it is the windiest and foggiest on the West coast with an incredible circle of life happening there. First we climbed down to reach the lighthouse which has stairs of a 30-storey building (around 1 mile), it is little tiring to come back up. Then we hiked the 2.2 mile long Chimney Rock, next was the Drakes beach for some lunch and relaxing time. We reached the Oyster Farm late but it was an interesting place. It was almost evening and we stopped over at the Golden Gate bridge for a short break. All in all, a tiring yet happy Saturday.

There was a sunset show organized at 8.15 PM, we registered ourselves but later backed out as it was too windy and cold and we did not have our jackets and a Flashlight was mandatory too. But it sounded awesome, must plan for it later.

Enjoy the pictures.


Baby seals

Baby seals

The LightHouse

The LightHouse

Crazy Ims

Crazy Ims



Sunday was shopping day, Ims took me for a surprise dinner and we had delicious Afghani Kebabs and the mouth-watering Baklava. Let me make you little more jealous, there is an official 11-day trip this month for Ims and I’m tagging along, we have many of our friends there and we are hoping to meet them all. And err.. if time permits, we are going to Miami. πŸ˜‰

Once again, a very happy birthday dear IndiBlogeshwaris, I promise I’ll try to be more regular. And lastly, something I have finally done have to be my driving classes.


25 thoughts on “IndiBlogeshwaris

  1. point one! you have put on some weight and you look good in this figure πŸ™‚
    point two!!!! IMS do have a spring in his leg to jump that high πŸ˜€ :O
    Point three! its so freaking burning that you gonna travel 😦 😦 😦 reading this on monday morning will be greedy day 😦 but but but eh! have a happy time πŸ™‚

  2. and u succeded in making all of us jealous πŸ˜› btw ur looks r killing in that pic u shared here. Have a grt trip . That 11 day trip sure will hold many stories I feel
    Keep writing the travelogues
    hv fun

  3. Wow, seems like you really celebrated the birthday in style. The pics are fab and I am a wee bit envious too! Add this to my must visit wish list. Thank you for doing this with us. Cheers!

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