Strange bonds

I read something about Radio on a forum today and I went back to memories of my college days. FM was the in thing then and I was so addicted to it. My favorite channel was Radio City and RJ Anuj was my favorite Radio Jockey. I was not on social media back then and had not seen him ever, but I felt so connected to his shows. He is so vivacious and keeps you glued. There was one of his trademark shows ‘Recharge’, I used to wait with bated breath for 9PM every weekday for it for nearly an year. Then he switched to another show which was a hit again. He would share his mind and give his personal touch to his shows. I am a fan. I still remember his last day with Radio City, he said he was moving to Bangalore and he got so emotional, I think I even cried hearing him for the last time then. It was a very touching moment.

And the best part was I won thrice on his shows, my Dad who does not believe that these contests on TV/Radio are legit was surprised and also proud of me. 😀

Thanks to Facebook, I found his page now and am glad to see his career accomplishments.


8 thoughts on “Strange bonds

  1. Me too.. Me too.. I was also so addicted to FM.. We had radio in all the rooms and as soon as I entered any room I use to switch on radio and when I leave that room Switch off the radio there and switch on in another room.. Lol
    I now don’t remember any RJ’s name 😦

    • I know, me and my friend were the only crazy ones. Yeah, I won a 500 Rs. gift voucher from Bombay shop, Gangster audio CD autographed by Emraan Hashmi and a Tata Indicom speaker phone. 😀

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