Unknown Hero

I remember an old incident doing rounds during my college days I guess around 10 years back. It happened at an area near our house on the way to college and that alarmed me even more. There is a small park amidst the residential area which is not well lit. A young girl happened to be passing by then and a gang of boys aged maybe 22-25 tried getting close to her. She walked faster to get to a crowded place but it was a long way. The shameless boys got nasty, surrounded her and started creating nuisance. Another guy aged the same saw this from far and knew he had to save her but he was no match to them. He used his head and hurled stones in their direction from his hiding place. It was a little distraction but he continued and even tried hitting some of the guys. Thankfully the girl got enough time and fled but could not see her savior. I think this got shared from the hero’s side with advises and lessons on how to be careful and alert all the time.


Whoever you are, we friends did take it seriously. I used to be on high alert every time I took an auto. There was a creepy guy following me once from my tuition class to my home on his bike while I was walking. He would stop beside me at some intervals and try to strike a conversation. I got dead scared and ran for my life, I still remember I even fell twice on my way but did not bother to turn around and finally reached home safe.

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