How much is too much ?

When SRK said ‘Love is friendship’ in a movie, I was like what crap, how can that be, how can friends become lovers, it seemed creepy. But growing up I understood what he meant, it implied how important friendship is for a couple.

How much ever you are in love, you don’t need to lose your own life. I loved what Abhay deol says in ZNMD, doesn’t it get claustrophobic with the ‘Two bodies, one soul’ concept.

What baffles me is some people actually take it as love of their partner and gladly surrender themselves. To each his own I guess. But I can’t be friends with someone whose partner is breathing down the neck.

Just a little rant. πŸ˜›

On a lighter note, we dined at an Italian restaurant last night, and we really liked the waitress, she was so pretty and her smile so lively, I wish we told her that.


4 thoughts on “Possessiveness

  1. :-)) I cannot understand possessive partners. It is beyond me :-))
    The other day, I saw this prettiest woman in the store – The most exotic, gorgeous looking woman – kind of like Catherine Zeta Jones but much much better. I kept gazing at her secretly – now I wish I’d told her!

  2. its true πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ one never understand that there must be a friendship between the relationship!!! It s something mandatory that one need have between themselves, bonding with love is something different, but to have a sharing and have a cheerful talk ppl think it is not possible with dr spouse!!!!

    lovely post!! if I have a option of rating it and many like button I will keep pressing it πŸ™‚

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