Laakh duniya kahe

I recently watched ‘Talaash’ movie again. I definitely liked it the first time but I got more involved this time. I think it is a great script and brilliantly made. The end scene where Aamir khan breaks down is such a touching scene, the below song opens then which clearly sums up his state of mind.

Fortunately, I have not lost a dear one (Thank you Almighty !), but I love this song, the lyrics and the music are magical. I’d dedicate this to my God for always being there with me. It helps me when I’m down or want to cry for no reason (Yes, that is another of my weird habits). 😛

P.S. It is also for people who lost anyone in their lives, hugs !


14 thoughts on “Laakh duniya kahe

  1. I have lost three loved ones, one of them passed away before I was born (to be exact 20 days after I was born) however, I hear stories passed down in the family that he was most excited to meet me…. Fate had its own plans 🙂 which nobody can challenge…

    Two of the other loved ones, left my family and time has healed some of the pain and life has gone on….Sometimes I feel cruel that how can I continue with life, without my loved ones but I guess like the Beatles song goes La, La, La, Life goes on….
    I guess the moral of the story for me is enjoy every minute you have with your loved ones so that you do not have any regrets later

    • Oh I’m sorry dear, hugs ! But you are absolutely right about the moral, we sometimes give too much importance to silly stuff and miss loving life.

  2. I’m not much into movies – thanks for sharing this – some moving scenes. Like you, I have never experienced the loss of a loved one…and only begin to imagine how devastating it could be.

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