I for Icecream

I love love icecreams, well who doesn’t. Back when we were kids, we were frequently indulged with the family pack bricks of icecream. Occasionally, Mom Dad would melt too hearing the kwality icecream calls out on the road and we would run to get our share, an orange bar costed just Rs.5 then.

Later during college, I graduated to Cornetto. My friend N always accompanied me and we would grab a cone and climb the bridge and enjoy our ice creams listening to the rain. Bliss !

Then I shifted to Baskin Robbins when I started working. It is expensive but I found company in a friend C. We would eat them almost daily without even bothering about our growing tummies.

And now in the US, I found my love in Breyers icecreams. They come in so many unique combination flavors, a recent one I had had small soccer chocolate balls filled with caramel and almonds in vanilla icecream. Yummm over load !!

What is your icecream story ?


20 thoughts on “I for Icecream

  1. I love gelato but my most favorite is naturals which we get in Hyderabad pure fruit flavored
    Just heavenly ! Malai ( naariyal ) is my fav
    Imran intro me to that parlor

  2. Reminds me of school days when I went with my grandpa to the Ice-cream parlor to have Bon-bon ice-cream. I loved those ball-shaped ice-creams.. very handy and gulp them down in one shot.. Also, reminded by the times I spent have Death-By-Chocolate with my brother.. We went on some afternoons to the parlor and had one DBC each.. Yeah, that was our lunch.. Just one DBC and few samosas if we felt more hungry.. 😀

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